PASTURED POULTRY ~ Chicken and Turkey



How We Raise Our Poultry:


  • We receive the chicks from a hatchery in Ohio, and raise them from two days old.

  • Once old enough to pasture, we move them from the brooder to a portable shelter that is moved twice daily to fresh grass, where they are given free range of the pasture to feed on grass, clover, and bugs.

  • We supplement their pasture with non-GMO grain from a local mill. 

  • We use no antibiotics, steroids or hormones.

  • At 8 weeks, our family processes the chickens using the most humane methods.  The turkeys are processed after 4 months.


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Pastured Chickens
$4/lb whole chicken
plus $2 cut up fee for whole chicken cut up
$13/lb boneless, skinless breasts & tenders
$7 for just under 2 quarts of chicken stock

We raise our pastured chickens from April - September, the time when the grass is growing and there's good pasture available.  However, we also freeze a large number of chickens so that we can have chickens available year round to meet the needs of our customers.  The average weight per chicken is 5 lbs.


LEARN MORE about the benefits of pastured chickens compared to conventional methods by reading the article in our March 2014 Newsletter.

Pastured Turkeys
$5/lb whole turkeys
Reserve your 2020 turkey now!
Our turkeys have a 5 star rating in taste & quality!

Our turkeys are available for Thanksgiving.  We process them on the Monday of Thanksgiving week so they are available for pick-up or delivery before Thanksgiving.  We can also freeze turkeys for anyone who wants one for Christmas.  The turkeys weigh between 12-25 lbs.


We are already starting to take reservations for 2020 turkeys (we start raising turkeys in July).  We will have a limited number of turkeys available, so please reserve yours soon!  To reserve a turkey, email


LEARN MORE about the benefits of pastured turkeys in our Sept. 2015 newsletter.

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