PASTURED POULTRY ~ Chicken and Turkey



How We Raise Our Poultry:


  • We receive the chicks from a hatchery in Ohio, and raise them from two days old.

  • Once old enough to pasture, we move them from the brooder to a portable shelter that is moved twice daily to fresh grass, where they are given free range of the pasture to feed on grass, clover, and bugs.

  • We supplement their pasture with non-GMO grain from a local mill. 

  • We use no antibiotics, steroids or hormones.

  • At 8 weeks, our family processes the chickens using the most humane methods.  The turkeys are processed after 4 months.


Live and forage on grass

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When the chicks arrive, we house them in the brooder under heat lamps where they like the temperature around 90 degrees

The chicks stay in the brooder for 2-3 weeks until they are old enough to pasture. We often leave the lid off if it's warm enough so they can enjoy fresh air and sunshine.

The chickens are then ready to be processed after 8 weeks, and the turkeys are ready after four months. We process them as a family using the most humane methods.

When the chicks arrive, we house them in the brooder under heat lamps where they like the temperature around 90 degrees

Pastured Chickens
$4/lb whole chicken
plus $2 cut up fee for whole chicken cut up
$13/lb boneless, skinless breasts & tenders
$7 for just under 2 quarts of chicken stock

We raise our pastured chickens from April - September, the time when the grass is growing and there's good pasture available.  However, we also freeze a large number of chickens so that we can have chickens available year round to meet the needs of our customers.  The average weight per chicken is 5 lbs.


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Pastured Turkeys
$5/lb whole turkeys
Reserve your 2020 turkey now!
Our turkeys have a 5 star rating in taste & quality!

Our turkeys are available for Thanksgiving.  We process them on the Monday of Thanksgiving week so they are available for pick-up or delivery before Thanksgiving.  We can also freeze turkeys for anyone who wants one for Christmas.  The turkeys weigh between 12-25 lbs.


We are already starting to take reservations for 2020 turkeys (we start raising turkeys in July).  We will have a limited number of turkeys available, so please reserve yours soon!  To reserve a turkey, email


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