Our most abundant fruit crop has been raspberries.  We have started a small orchard of apple, peach, and cherry trees, which is yielding a small amount of fruit right now.  We grow our fruit organically, meaning we do not use any unnatural pesticides, fertilizers, or other chemicals to grow our fruit.  Our children are our weed killers, and therefore they get all the profits made from selling the fruits and jams.


You can read more about our fruit in our June 2015 newsletter!

As our fruit crops grow, we hope to have more fruit available to sell.  Right now, our apple and peach trees are small and are producing small amounts of fruit.  We'll keep you posted as more fruit becomes available for purchase.



Fresh Raspberries:  Available in July



Our jam is a low-sugar jam made with our organic fruit, a small amount of local, raw honey, and pectin.  As our kids have said, the jam makes all that weeding worth it!

$7 per pint of raspberry jam

$7 per pint of blackberry jam (currently sold out until 2020)

$7 per pint of peach jam (limited supply available

Raspberry Jam
Peach Jam
Blackberry Jam

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