We have been keeping bees for several years.  Beekeeping is challenging, and we've had varied success with our hives.  We've had a hive produce 85 lbs of honey, and we've had hives abscond (leave) without warning.  It is our goal to increase our beekeeping operation and have a large supply of honey available for our customers.


We are organic beekeepers, meaning we do not use any unnatural chemicals to treat our bees.  We also do not feed our bees high fructose corn syrup in order to increase honey production. 


You can LEARN MORE about organic beekeeping and about high fructose corn syrup honey found in grocery stores by reading our article in the June 2014 Newsletter.



$9 per lb of honey

(CURRENTLY SOLD OUT, check back in 2020)

$40 per 5lbs of honey

(CURRENTLY SOLD OUT, check back in 2020)