There are 44 known essential nutrients for good health.  Of those, 40 are found in wheat flour.  Once a wheat berry has been milled into flour, it will begin to lose its nutritional value within 24 hours.  After three days, the flour has lost 90% of its nutritional value.  However, freshly-milled flour that is baked in breads locks in the nutrients making for a healthier bread compared to commercialized bread bought in grocery stores.


We bake all our homemade bread with freshly-milled flour that we mill ourselves.  We also use healthy, natural ingredients when possible, including organic wheat berries.  You can really taste the difference!  And you can feel good eating breads that are packed with nutrients your body needs.


LEARN MORE about the benefits of freshly-milled wheat in our article in the September 2014 Newsletter.




Our wheat bread is moist, delicious, and perfect for sandwiches or sliced to serve with dinner.  Our family eats almost a loaf a day of this bread.  It's delicious!  We can also make this bread egg-free by request.


$7 per loaf



In the Bible, God gives Ezekiel a recipe for a bread that not only has the 40 essential nutrients found in wheat flour, but is also full of protein!  The Ezekiel bread is a sweet bread, but it's also a very healthy bread made with millet, barley, lentils, spelt, and a variety of beans.  This bread is a customer favorite and it's egg-free.


$9.50 per loaf



We've tried many banana bread recipes, but this one is by far our favorite.  This is a great breakfast bread and it's also a great gift to share with others.  Try it and see!


$7 per loaf



A delicious taste of autumn that can be enjoyed year round.  This makes a great dessert bread and a great gift to share with others.


$6 per loaf



Another great breakfast bread, our raisin bread starts with our wheat bread recipe, with cinnamon and raisins added for a special treat.


$6 per loaf



These are by far the best rolls we've ever had.  Everyone wants seconds (or thirds) of these delicious rolls at dinner.  They are a perfect addition to your family dinner.


$6 for 8 rolls

For a complete list of ingredients, please email us at eaglecrestfarm724@gmail.com and we will happily

share that list with you and answer any questions you might have about our homemade breads.