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5 Star Rating out of 51 Reviews


"Not to us, LORD, not to us but to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness." - Psalm 115:1

Eagle Crest Farm is the best place to get local farm raised/ free range, truly natural products from jam to turkey.  My family and I have been getting various products to include jam, eggs, chicken and turkey for almost two years. You cannot go wrong. The food product is the best, once you have any of their products and taste regular or chain health store food you can taste the difference.  - C.D.

They are an above and beyond five star farm. Their service is top notch.The turkey was superb!  Would rate it a 6!  The eggs are also a winner! - B.C.

The taste of the milk is amazing!  We've tried milk from a lot of different farms, but our whole family agrees that the milk from your cows is by far the best. - K.P.

I would give you a 5 on everything you do!  We have appreciated the good eggs and the personal delivery.  The gift bags with the turkey was just a very sweet bonus.  Thank you for all your hard work in supplying a wonderful alternative to what's in the stores. - L.C.

THANK YOU very much for our Thanksgiving turkey!  I truly believe that a pastured turkey that’s been properly fed (and not shot up with antibiotics) tastes much better!  I was surprised just how quickly it cooked, too.  Your instructions were spot on. - C.C.

The cream on the milk is so good.  I love having it in my coffee each morning.  You can taste the quality! - M.L.

Loved the turkey. It came out very juicy most notably the white meat that is typically more dry. Even very flavorful w/o adding a ton of spices and butter. - D.B.


5 gold stars for both quality and service! - D.H.

My mother can't drink A1 milk because it causes inflammation and she ended up in the E.R.  However, she loves your A2 milk and it doesn't give her any trouble at all! - L.C.

We thoroughly enjoyed our turkey and the service and rate everything at a 5! - C.B.


I would definitely rate the bread and chickens a 5 in taste and peace of mind knowing they are so healthy.  And you can't beat the service! - L.C.


We have loved your eggs.  The yolks are so orange and flavorful, probably the orangest yolks we've ever had. - L.A.


The turkey was excellent and we were able to eat off it for days. - D.W.


Your fresh turkey was 5 star!  All of our family said it was the best turkey they have ever had.  Thank you for your fine service! - J.E.


Your turkey was perfect for our family.  The meat was lean and moist and tasted delicious.  We highly recommend it!  - T.W.


The best chicken ever! - L.O.


My family loved the turkey.  I really like that your animals get to live well and are processed personally by your family to avoid some of the crueler aspects of factory farming.  Your service was also super convenient.  - C.F.


The jam is excellent, the eggs are wonderful, and we love the chicken! - C.D.


I love your food, and rate your breads and service a 5! - P.S.


The food tastes different and better, fresh!  I don't think I could go back to store bought eggs.  5 stars!  - J.P.

Thank you for helping to make our Thanksgiving a memorable one!  Our turkey was cooked to perfection and delicious!  Our rating is a big 5! - C.C.


I rate a whopping 5 for both service and food quality. Thank you so much for providing good food for our family! - K.M.


I just had to tell you that they are the best eggs I have ever had!  I don't know what you are doing to those chickens...but wow!  Yummy!   - S.P.

LOVE the eggs and want more!  The bread was so yummy!! - A.C.

LOVE everything!!  I know you all put your hearts into everything you do, so thank you!  - C.C.

Nice job on packaging guys! Thank you for this grand basket of food! - J.R.

I can without a doubt tell you that you have set a very high bar to meet next year. If one knew nothing about how you raised your birds the skin would be the first clue we are dealing with a superior product. Healthy and pink, unlike the pale bleached looking commercial ones.  The flavor definitely reflects the extra care that goes into a farm raised bird. The one I received practically basted itself. Absolutely perfect. - J.R.


(The turkey) was absolutely fabulous.  Everyone just went on and on about how amazing it was and how it was the best turkey ever, etc etc.  Usually (my husband) injects flavor, seasoning, and fluids into our meats but he didn't do that with either the chicken last week or the turkey yesterday and they were perfect without.  So moist and delicious. - R.R.

That was the tastiest bird I've ever had! Didn't brine it and it was moist and so full of flavor.  Thank you! - T.T.

It was super yummy!  I can't possibly think of any improvement :)  Definitely a 5 from us! - K.K.

The turkey was excellent and everyone was very impressed at our Thanksgiving dinner.  It cooked perfectly and smelled delicious. It was the best turkey we've ever served. Plenty of firm, lean meat, just enough fat to stay moist, and very good flavor. The delivery and packaging showed your interest in quality from delivery to table. Keep doing what you're doing. - K.A.

Our turkey was the best we've ever had.!!. Even better than the other farm we got them from in years past. So juicy and flavorful.  Thank you for such a delicious bird that is healthy and safe as well! We are definitely buying from you again next year! :) - K.M.

Cooked up quickly and beautifully. The taste was so much better than conventional turkeys. It was the best tasting turkey I’ve ever had! I read a lot about pastured birds on-line and found that most said the turkey didn’t need to be brined so I skipped it this year. It absolutely didn’t need brining at all. It was moist and tender and full of so much flavor.  - T.T.

The turkey was fantastic.  Very tender and juicy.  Definitely a 5. - R.T.

The turkey was loved by all. It was very moist and rated excellent on taste. - M.K.