Our Family Farm


We are a Christian, home-schooling family living near Strasburg, VA.


In 2012, God put a vision in Ben's heart for a family-based business that we could do together as a family, and that could hopefully grow to provide a viable income stream to support our sons' and their families one day.  God continued to direct Ben to farming.  Farming provides so many useful and practical skills, provides not only money but also food for our family, and provides hands-on character-building opportunities for our children as they grow.  There is a lot farming can teach us.


We were blessed with the opportunity to build a house on family land and start our farm.  We knew we wanted to raise healthy food for our family.  After a lot of research, we knew that Joel Salatin's pastured model for raising animals was right for our family farm.  We raise our animals in healthy, chemical-free environments, and supplement their pastured food with GMO-Free grain from a local mill.  Our crops are grown organically, and our bees are raised organically as well.


This is truly a family farm.  Our children help with all the farm chores.  They milk the cows, help feed the chickens and turkeys, take care of the chicks in the brooder, take care of the egg layers, help with hive inspections, help with the baking, and even help when it's time to process chickens.  We couldn't do this without their help, and we're excited to see them grow along with the farm.


Our farm name, Eagle Crest Farm, comes from our family crest, as seen in our logo, that Ben designed.  Our family's verse is Matthew 7:24 (hence the 724 in our email address), which is "he who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the Rock."  This verse is found on our crest, along with the words "love" and "honor", which are important to our family. 


It is our goal that our family farm will be able to provide healthy, locally-grown food for our family, friends, and community.  And that in all that we do, we glorify God.